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What is Andromeda (Googles Brand new Operating System)

What is Google Andromeda ?
Google Andromeda is new Operating system of google . It is the merger of the Android Os of google with Chrome Os .This fusion resulted a brand new Operating system called Andromeda .On Andromeda operating system users will be having a combined experience of Android and and Chrome operating system.This experience will be brand new its user .

According to Android Police, Google is testing Andromeda on an ultra-thin laptop known internally as Bison, which will be known as Pixel 3 when it launches.

When will Andromeda will be launched ?
This seems to be lunched in 2017 . 

On which platform will Andromeda will work ?
Google is testing Andromeda on laptop internally know as "Bison" and will be named as  "Pixel 3 " when launched .Bison is reportedly an ultra-thin convertible laptop like Lenovo’s Yoga series. The device reportedly features a 12.3-inch display and will be powered by Intel’s Core m series processor.
Android Police notes Google’s Bison features a backlit keyboard and glass trackpad with force detection similar to Apple’s latest MacBook. Google aims to make the device less than 10 mm thick, which should undercut every other tablet offering in the market. 

Specification of Bison or Pixel 3 ?

Specification of Pixel 3

Display 12.3"
Mode laptop+Tablet
Processor Intel m3 / I5 processessor
Storage 32 /128 Gb
Ram 8 /16Gb
Finger Print Scanner Yes
Jack 3.5mm
Styles yes
Speaker Stereo Speaker
Keyboard Type Backlit
Battery 10 hrs
Track Pad Glass Type (trackpad will use haptic and force detection similar to the MacBook.)
Thickness 10mm


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