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How to Create Blog Through Google Blogger.

Hey Guy's In this i will be showing you all guy's how to create Blog .Creating a Blog is very easy task if you had all tool in hand . There are many question comes in mind when talk about a creating a blog .
Why one Should Create a Blog
  • Where to Create a Blog ?
  • How to create a Blog ?
  • Can we earn money through the Blog ?
and many more such questions .Here i will be answering each and every question.

What is Blog?

The question must be arising in you mind that what the hell is this Blog.lets explain you in simple language . 
Blog is a place where Some One represent himself to the outer world.Blog is a someones public Diary or journal where he writes all about the topic in which he is good at. Blog is the platform where one represents himself to world and every on here and read him .

Yahh..,  you can also say that Blogging can make you lot of money .It can be the good source of income for you.Once you are viral online means daily you are Getting huge source of traffics to your website say 10000 page hits daily then easily you can make thousands from your Blog .

Where to create a Blog ?

This is Big question, "where to create a Blog ".There are several website that help you in creating a blog and making it online for free. One of the best site is Google .com  which i prefer too .Google provide a service called "Blogger"  which help in creating blog and hosting our blog online .In this i will be focused on creating blog though Blogger . And i will also recommend you to use Blogger to for your website i.e Blog .

How to Create a Blog ?

Now here comes our main .Now suit up for learning the magic of creating Blog .I will be showing steps for  creating blog and should always follow this in chronological  order .

Step 1: Creating Google Acount

Create a Google account by visiting this site "" .If  you already have an account than you can skip this step .

Step 2: Logging to Blogger

Now Visit "" .There you will be having a login panel and login into it through your google account you create or already have .

Step 3 : Creating A Blog.

After login you will be send to this page .
Blogger First page

Here you have to click on New Blog . You will be not Seeing any of blog "As i have Download free Miovies Blog" When you click on " New Blog" you will be send to this page .
Here You have to choose Title for you blog . This should be done very wisely because this will help google and users to determine that what blog is about . 
2 ) Now Enter the address you want for your blog just like is mine "WebtGuru" and "" will be added by default. 
Thing to be considered while creating your blog address .
  • Is you blog address available ?
  • Is Blog address defining you Blog correctly ?
  • Is Blog address is easy to remember and logical wrt to content ?

Now select your themes from the option below .I prefer simple one for easiness. 
Now Hit "Create Blog" button.

Step 4:
Now you will be send to this page bellow .This is Dashboard for your Blog  . In my case title is "Hello World" that is showing below .There are several option shown below . 

Blogger DashBoard

Step 5 : Creating Your Post

Here Our Blog is created and now we have to create a post for our Blog .
Now click on " New Post " button .  and we will be taken to this page
 below .
Now , You have to create title for your Blog . and Content in my case I have create title as "My first Blog" and content you can see .

 Now hit to publish if you want every one to view your content . else click on save .
Congrates you have created your very first Blog successfully .

You can see your Blog by clicking  View Blog Button on  left corner  of this page .

Lear same Through video .

If you Enjoyed learning this post please share us and lets us know your suggestion by commenting below  in comment Box . Happy Blogging 


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