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Airtel Launches Internet at 1gb for Rs 50 .(30 Gb for Rs.1494 )

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Its good new for Airtel Prepaid user Indian Airtel has launched new data plan for indian user .This may be seen as the counter plan against Jio 4g plan that seems to rule the market .

Airtel has promised its user to provide 4G internet  at Rs 50 per GB rate .Airtel has announced their plan currently for Delhi at Rs 1495 for 30Gb for 90 days for Existing user and for Rs1494 for new user on their first recharge.

Is This Plan is Unlimited Plan ?
Yes,This plan is unlimited plan with FUP(Fair uses policy).Subscriber who are availing this plan have the benefit of 30Gb for 90 days and after the data limits are worn out internet speed will be reduce to 2G speed.

Who Can Get This Plan ?
Users of Delhi region are eligible for this plan .Soon this plan will be available to other region .

Comparison of Airtel plan with Jio Plan.
Jio is providing 20 GB for Rs 1499 for 28 days if we are only talking about Data And on the other side Airtel is providing 30 Gb for 90 days in Rs 1495 for Existing customer and to new customer the plan is available for Rs 1494 on their first recharge.

This plan may be useful to those who has only 10 Gb high speed uses of the month .
Total comparison is given below .

Comparison of jio plan with Airtel
Company Airtel Jio
Tariffs Rs1495/Rs1494 Rs1499
Data 30Gb 20Gb
N/A 40Gb
Voice Call N/A Unlimited
SMS N/A Un limited
ISD Packs N/A RateCutter
Validity 90Days 28Days


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